Saturday, July 28, 2012

My Favorite picture books!!!

I LOVE to begin a lesson with a picture book. I have linked up with The Teacher Wife to share my top 5!
A super cute book about the founding fathers. Full of beautiful pictures and lots of jokes. My 5th graders LOVE it!

Great for teaching large number patterns in math (students love using calculator with this book) & an excellent resource to teach about characters in reading. My #1 to get students exited about math!!!

Cute pics and clever strategies to use in multiplication. Tang's whole series is fabulous!!!

Great way to teach interpreting remainders & division for visual learners.

A beautifully told story about the life of Cesar Chavez. A great picture book biography.


  1. So glad I found this post! I just had to join in! I love that you have included math books in your top 5! Thanks for sharing!

    1. My first year of teaching our librarian told me the Marilyn Burns math library was a must and I've been using it ever since. I would highly recommend you look into it. It has made such a difference in my math lessons and my kids really enjoy the books.