Sunday, September 9, 2012

Borrowing a borrowed a idea!!!

Tomorrow I have to teach inference (YIKES!!!). It is such a hard skill, especially for struggling readers. I am going to try a great "trashy reading idea" from Miss Khlon @ the adventures of a 6th grade teacher. As I type, my hubby is helping me gather some "trash" to begin my lesson. I'm going to begin with the trashy reading lesson, then I'm going to have my students make a 3-tab foldable (evidence + schema= inference). I am excited about this lesson!!! I think I'm going to follow that lesson with having my students make inferences using simple sentences (Example: She blew out the birthday candles. I can tell it's her birthday because people normally blow out candles on their birthday.), and then practice with our read aloud. Wish me luck :)

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