Monday, August 20, 2012

Two things down...a million more to go.

I have been working like a mad woman trying to get everything done for back to school. I finally finished copying, laminating, and cutting these question prompt cards that I will be using during my reading instruction. I feel that last year my questioning could have been a lot better, so I created these question/thinking stems for fiction, non-fiction, poetry & drama to keep handy at all times. I tried hard to mirror the language of testing to get my students accustomed to higher-level questions.  (I've linked the bundle, but these are also available individually for fiction, non-fiction, poetry & drama).

I've also borrowed a fantastic idea from Stephanie @ 5th Grade Dugout and created a handy questioning ring using Stephanie's science questions, I also added a few, but her list was a HUGE help. I'm also going to use popsicle sticks like she does to put at my tables so students can use them in their discussions.
Now.... so many things I still have to work on!!!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Newbie Bloggers Blog Hop

Grade Three is the Place For Me is hosting a  Newbie Bloggers Blog Hop and I've decided to link up. I have learned so much from reading other teachers' blogs and finally worked up the courage to try blogging. If you're interested in joining, share the following with fellow bloggers:
1. what state you are in- Texas
2. your current teaching position 5th grade, self-contained teacher. (We test in reading, math, and science. Can you say PRESSURE!?!)
3. your teaching experience This month I will be starting my 5th year of teaching :)
4. when you started blogging I started blogging a little over a month ago. Super rookie.
5. share a blogging tip / blogging resource I am REALLY new to blogging and are still learning so much. The tip I can provide at the moment is to visit fellow teacher blogs to learn more. I like to visit Techy Things by Mrs. Stanford because Mrs. Stanfordshe offers many technology tips for teachers.

I look forward to blogging and learning from my fellow teachers :)

How do you plan?

I am linkin up with Mrs. Stanford to share how I plan.  I usually like to stay at least 2 weeks ahead of the game. Of course, this is much easier said than done.
I typically begin with the end in mind. I like to look at how I plan to assess a concept and then I think of the skills my students will need to master the concept. It is always helpful to have a scope and sequence to know a reasonable timeline of when concepts should be taught.
I like to have my resources listed for each concept I plan to teach. This is something new I will be trying. For example, my first unit in math will be place value. I gather the picture books I plan to read to my class, the games I want them to play, the stations they will be using... and anything else related to that unit so that I do incorporate it all into my teaching. I want to start a notebook where I keep a record of all this because there are times when I forget to use an activity. I make all necessary copies. I then go to my grade level, share and get their feedback. I like to be prepared with all materials when I share with them in case it is something they would like to use in their rooms. :) 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

HUGE TpT Sale!!!

Hi everyone!!!

Get ready!! TpT is hosting their annual Back to School sale on August 12 and 13 and I will be joining in on the fun. PLUS.... use code BTS12 for an additional 10% off!!! Happy shopping!!!
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I know I have tons on my wishlist. I can't wait!!!